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Blueneck tour started on 6-th of October. A few days before the tour AZH had met with the band leader Duncan Attwood. 


Spring ended, summer began and we started AZH PROMO - everything in its right place!

But there is an interesting background that explains why we decided to do it. So I'll start from those moments when we've met each other.
It was the end of winter, 2009. Ashes in the snow as always, etc, etc, you should know these things. I was refreshing and found the information that Japanese band MONO was going to Poland that Spring.  So I phoned my friend and we decided to go over than 1000 km to see them. 
When I was trying to buy tickets on the Polish site, I haven't got the confirmation after I had paid. So I did it again. And after 10 minutes I received 2 letters. In each of them there were something like "Congratulations! You have bought 2 tickets. Print them out". 
Having 4 tickets in our 4 hands, me and my friend went to Poznan. We were trying to invite our Polish friends but nobody wanted to come to the concert. 7 EUR wasn't a big price for the show like that one, so I didn't mention that tickets would be lost in vain.
And when we were trying to get inside (we were first in line), I heard "Hey, AZH!" - I thought: "WTF! Who knows us here?" (we haven't been so popular at that time). So I thought it was hallucination. But that sound came again.

There were a boy and a girl sitting on the stairs and holding the paper in their hands with written "We will buy 2 tickets for 100 EUR". They told me they were interviewed by me one year ago and finally I remembered, that were Yura and Tonya from the band Embilight. They came from Kyiv to see Jeniferever (which played before MONO), but there were no tickets and nobody wanted to sell their own tickets even for 100 EUR. Me and my two redundant tickets were their salvation. 

Now we think it was one of the most beautiful show we have ever seen.
Jeniferever. Autumn 2009.
Jeniferever were going to play in Kyiv and asked Ivanna (AZH editor in Lviv, she interviewed the band via email), if she could do few shows for them in Western Ukraine. Ivanna said YES! And while setting the shows, she has met Elena Asimar who did three beautiful gigposters for those gigs.  Here they are: 


'Cause of this terrible blood-curdling swine flu started here, Jeniferever hasn't came to Ukraine at all. [Guys, if you are reading it, we have survived and still waiting for you!]
Mooncake. Spring 2010.
Few months after, Elena did the gigposter for Embilight and Mooncake show, which was organized by Yura this Spring.
It seems it pretends to be the most beautiful post-rock gig in Ukraine, 'cause it took place not in a pub or a smoky club but in a spacey gallery where  over 200 people were sitting on the chairs and the floor enjoying the gig.

And the main reason why we have started it all:
beautiful bands and musicians deserve to play in gorgeous venues having good promotion. 


We want to do memorable shows!


AZH PROMO - with love to music
AZH Promo - is a Ukraine based independent music community founded in 2010
Heinali at Kurbas theatre @ organised by AZH PROMO in FEB 2012
AZH Promo big team in Kurbas theatre during embilight show in APRIL 2011
New Century Classics (PL) @ Lviv, Philharmonia. Organised by AZH Promo in Jul 2011