The founder of Blue Foundation Tobias Wilner (Blue Foundation) talked to AZH, before their gig in Kyiv, Ukraine.
AZH: The band members are constantly changing, so our first question is what kind of Blue Foundation we have to expect in Kyiv?
Yeah it’s right. The band I have put together for this tour is super rad. It’s the best ever. It’s my super band. The live band consists of the british artist Findlay Brown, US singer-sonwriter Sonya Kitchell, my all-time favorite drummer Federico Ughi and of course me and Bo Rande. It’s a true NYC band. It’s gonna be loud, dreamy and heavy!
AZH: What is the reasone of such  frequent changes?
I need these changes to keep it going for me. To keep it real. I need new faces. And to be honest not all people are made for live performances.
AZH: How this affects on the live performances?
It keeps it fresh and true. This is very important for me. 
AZH: Were there any changes in your life after the song "Eyes on Fire" became "Twilight Saga" soundtrack - have the band got more young fans?
Yeah of course. I could pay my rent for some years and not being super broke all the time. That was sweet. A lot of people heard about us through Twilight but I believe that we gained our fans through the music we created and Twilight was a platform to get it out there. Music is pretty simple. You like it or not. Some of the Twilight fans like our music some don’t like it. That’s the beauty about music.
AZH: We know that  skateboarding takes a significant portion of your life, which makes a big impact on your music. Last year you wrote the soundtrack for the short film called Go All Day (featuring Chaz Ortiz), but are you still skating?
I still skate much as I can. Most of my friends skate so it’s a big part of my life.. I just had a skate trip with my friend Colin Kennedy from the Berrics. The weather is changing now in NYC, getting cold and dark, so I’m planning a trip to L.A. in January. I hope I’ll skate as long it’s possible for me. Just like Victor E.:

AZH: A lot of your music is specially written like a soundtrack or becomes a soundtrack soon. As far as we know you founded your own Independent Film company, DPC Film, which recently released the first movie - "Tankograd" directed by Boris Bertram. Are you looking to work in this direction?
We’re working on a new movie right now about the campaign of the Iraq War. It will be out in 2013.
When I create my records I never think about soundtrack but I use movies to inspire me. When I did my first album I had Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker running in the studio all the time. I’m a big big fan of Andrei Tarkovsky, Lars Von Trier, John Cassavetes
AZH: Returning to Tankograd, the action in this movie takes place in Chelyabinsk (the most radioactively polluted city in the world)... And what do you know about Ukraine and are there any expectation of visiting Kyiv?
To be honest I don’t know much. I love the people I’ve meet so far, so I’m looking very much forward to visit Kyiv!
It’s right that that Chelyabinsk is one of the most polluted cities in the world, and the movie is about that, but there is a lot of polluted places in the world. In Africa, USA, Southe America, Asia etc. So it’s important to mention, that besides its warindustry, the city is has a very vibrant dance scene. Masha Greif, one of the characters in the movie, is a solodancer at the Chelyabinsk Theater of Contemporary Dance, lead by the Choreografer Olga Pona. Masha Greif is one of the best dancers in Russia and winner of The Golden Mask dance prize 2007 in Moscow.
The movie is most of all an dedication to the art scene in Chelyabinsk.

AZH: Very few people in Ukraine know that you and Jonas Bjerre (from MEW) were friends, tell us a bit about the time, when you started a music career together and what things became most significant in you outlook?
Me and Jonas goes way back. We started doing music together when we where kids. Later on we went in different directions and these days we’re back again, doing stuff together. He joined the last Blue Foundation album “In My Mind I Am Free”, I remixed his stuff and played with his project Apparatjik. I love this guy. Super talented. I love all the stuff we’ve been doing together. I really like the song “Fundamental” we did for the last Blue Foundation album. It went out well.

by Taras Khimchak

originally posted on AZH art magazine

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