Endless Melancholy started his music activity in November 2011. The project was created to express his passion and love for piano minimalism and ambient music. 
Fragile - a new work of Olexiy Sakevych, who acts under the name of Endless Melancholy. The plays which are contained on the disc are quite fragile instrumental etudes. Starting within a few notes they grow into quiet and meditative stories without making it a loud explosion and so leave enough space for concentration. 
Stylistically the music of Endless Melancholy continues to articulate itself in the field of neoclassical minimalist composition. But in a certain way, it hides potential post-rock sentiments and broader stylistic horizons, like they are linked to the pattern rhythm and leaves a kind of omissions. Probably this innuendo is that thing that emphasizes the value of simple melodies  around of which the sound is developing.

released 21 October 2014 by AZH 
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Piano by Oleksiy Sakevych 
Viola by Anatoliy Gavrilov 
Cello by Vladimir Babutin 
Mastering by James Plotkin 
Special thanks to Anton Belov, Konstantin Naumenko 
Photography by Aldona Pieniążek
AZH 005
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AZH PROMO - with love to music
AZH Promo - is a Ukraine based independent music community founded in 2010
Heinali at Kurbas theatre @ organised by AZH PROMO in FEB 2012
T E MORRIS during video shot in Lviv @ AZH Promo 2011
The Samuel Jackson Five live in Kyiv. Organised by AZH Promo in April 2012