Ukrainian-Polish duo, Grisly Faye, is releasing their debut single: ‘Fall for Me’. 
For the past couple of months they have been treating the Internet audience to mysterious teasers and eclectic arrangements of their original music. Now, finally, they’re starting to reveal more than just musical sketches in the form of a two-track single. 
The first impression when listening to their songs is that the sound arrives from nowhere and departs in the same direction. That feeling is almost real, as most of the sounds originate from the space that surrounds us: crackling of fire, booming of oil wells, random blows of wind… and all this “musique concrete”, processed by an emotionless sampler, creates surprisingly urbanistic and sometimes paranoid music. A very good example of this approach is a B-side called “All Around”, built from the clicking of stones that are later looped to create a beat. 
The paradox, however, is that indietronica made by Margaryta Kulichova and Wojciech Szupelak is actually urban in nature. If dance music is for the city what the singing of birds is for the forest, Grisly Faye could be a dream of an ornithologist. You might think that you already know that image, it seems to be hidden somewhere in the archives of your memory, but whether it truly exists remains a sweet mystery.

released 21 August 2014 by AZH | 
music by Grisly Faye 
Margaryta Kulichova & Wojciech Szupelak 
mastered by Marek KamiƄski 
artwork by Alexandr Khaverchuk, style by Yuliya Savchenko, calligraphy by Sergiy Klepyk, photos by Margaryta Kulichova, postediting by Taras Khimchak 
AZH 004


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Creation VI at Kurbas theatre @ organised by AZH PROMO in FEB 2012
The Samuel Jackson Five live in Kyiv. Organised by AZH Promo in April 2012
Our bus during embilight gig in Lviv organised by AZH Promo in Jun 2010