List of artists [country] and tracks:
01. unsigned char [UA] - Barricade
02. T E Morris  [UK]  - A Year In The Wilderness
03. Arms and Sleepers [USA] - Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
04. nousinthis [UA] - point of no return
05. Blueneck [UK] - Sirens
06. Endless Melancholy [UA] - Rêverie
07. Lymbyc Systym [USA] - In Transit
08. IMMAGO [UA] – Nora
09. This Cold Normandy [UA] - Escape from the hospice
10. Lights Dim [PL] - Bats
11. Her Name is Calla [UK] - It Was Flood
12. EXXASENS [ESP] - Mass of Pluto 
13. AIMS [UA] - Eye Dea
14. Soouth [UA] - Dachau 
15. Way Station [UA] - The Noise Was Ended Now
16. Short Hair Ideals [UA] - Immersion
17. Stalker VA [UA] - Orion Nebula
18. Blackpaperplanes [BY] - Gaddafi
19. Goodbye Earth [UA] - Mama 
20. Sleeping Bear [UA] - Echelon
21. My Empty Phantom [USA] - Don't Chase the Owl
22. Light Dreams [UA] – Wind 
23. Delay FM [BY] - Air Calibration 
24. ekarasata [UA] - Till We Die 
25. Toundra [ESP] - Cielo Negro (Black Sky)
   “Life does not always require the population of active citizenship. Most of the civilized world it is enough to watch the news while sitting on the couch sharing your thoughts with others time to time. However, today in Ukraine there have been and continue to happen the things that turned the passiveness of citizens into a luxury.
  Tyranny, greed and cynical of government elected today passed a critical threshold, putting into question one of the most important rights and freedoms - the right to live free. We tolerated corruption, suffered professional incompetence of civil servants, arrogance and impudence. But by the slaughter of our comrades, openly threatening the rights and freedoms of the citizens of the country they once for all declared themselves as enemies, the enemies of humanity, the enemies of human life.
  Today, by this manifesto, we declare that no lord, no officer, no post will never allow to neglect the most important thing - the right to speak, to think and to do what is believed to be right. We declare that being free - the highest value to which no one can threaten. We are a society, we are people. And we demand respect, demand to listen and reckon with our desires, aspirations and ideas. Because we are the source of freedom and power. We are the employers, and they are – own employees. And our word is always the last and final.
For we are the people of this country.” - Yura Shevchenko, nousinthis
  “We were trying to take part in the protest from the very beginning working as journalists for different projects. Brutal dispersion and beating the students, pressure and persecution the peaceful protestors, dictatоrial laws from the 16th of January, murders, mutilations and kidnapping, limiting freedom of speech, trying to discredit the whole protesting movement - this is the way our government reacts.   
  Do we have any right to stay aside silently? 
  Our compilation - is an action of solidarity with those, who are fighting for the justice and right to live in the civilized country. This is another way of fighting, indirect, using music as mediator to reach people all around the world, who are still not realizing importance of everything that is happening in Ukraine. Thousands of people need a support, we need a voice.” - Taras Khimchak and Margaryta Kulichova, AZH
Each person at Maidan has their own conviction about the reasons of participating in protests, but I’m sure that they are all united by following: desire to live in a country for people and readiness to create such country. In a new kind of country, where each citizen safety and respect to his human rights are on the first place. Where courts and police do nothing else, but efficiently execute their functions. Where all conditions for everyone to run his favourite business are created. Where the supremacy of law does actually exist in reality, but not only on paper. I am confident, that the creation process of such country has already begun, because people able to demonstrate their will and concern in such a powerful way definitely do have future.” - Oleksiy Sakevych, Endless Melancholy /  Sleeping Bear 
  “"Bats" was composed for the "We need a voice" compilation, created by AZH Promo based in Kyiv, Ukraine. The compilation's goal is to spread awareness about the political and social situation in that country.
  Even though Ukraine belongs to Europe geographically, it has little in common with the rest of the continent - with the omnipresent oppression of the political opposition, corruption, as well as violence and kidnapings of those who stand against the government. The people of Ukraine need our support - a song is nearly not enough...." - Marek Kamiński, Lights Dim 
Our compilation - is an action of solidarity with those, who are fighting for the justice and right to live in the civilized country. This is another way of fighting, indirect, using music as mediator to reach people all around the world, who are still not realizing importance of everything that is happening in Ukraine. Thousands of people need a support, we need a voice.  
AZH is the art magazine founded in 2006, the first online media about art and culture written in Ukrainian. Moving towards the cultural borders breaking we’ve founded a promo agency that created amount of high quality music shows in Ukraine for the "thirsty" audience. In the end of 2013 music label was founded, 2 albums of Ukrainian artists have been released since that.
And at the time we were making our next step for the organization development, the country we live in started its drowning in political instability. Thus we would like to dedicate our third release to this events. Movement that began with the peaceful students’ protests who were supporting Eurointegration in Ukraine (and were brutally dispersed on 30th of November 2013) turned into the national resistance called the Euromaidan. Since that time in Kyiv and otQher Ukrainian cities people are going out  to the streets willing to change the situation in Ukraine, moving towards the Eurointegration, fighting corruption, getting rid of arbitrariness of the authorities and dysfunctional judicial system, trying to stop limiting the liberty of speech. However, the authorities responded to the citizens on 16th of January with new laws according which everyone who has taken part in the protests goes in prison. So new 2014 started with new blood and violence. Our country is on the verge of a civil war.
We can't stay aside., AZH Promo, AZH Music Label, musicians, artists, designers, volunteers and all our friends who were working on this compilation would like to express solidarity with all Ukrainians, who are fighting against the dictatorship. We are one of them.  
We'd like to attract the attention to the current situation in Ukraine. We hope for your understanding and support.
The money earned on this compilation will be sent to the organizations, which are helping victims of the protests and independent medias who keep doing their job despite intimidation. 
We need your support, we need your pray, we need your voice.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Concept and design: Taras Khimchak and Margaryta Kulichova
Thanks to all the musicians who provided their tracks
Released on AZH  03.02.2014 / AZH 003
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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We are not extremists! 
Open letter of the Ukrainian scholars, scientists, artists, doctors, lawyers, pedagogues and journalists to their fellow citizens and to the international community. 
A view on Ukrainian revolution without cliché, manipulations and propaganda. Free information for a free world from Kyiv Maidan and the neighbouring streets.

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Creation VI at Kurbas theatre @ organised by AZH PROMO in FEB 2012
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Our bus during embilight gig in Lviv organised by AZH Promo in Jun 2010