Bear T-Shirt + eco bag

футболка /біла, принт: шовко-друк /:
sold out 
еко-сумка /принт: шовко-друк, коричневий/ :
sold out
Разом (сумка + футболка) : sold out


дизайн від Sergiy Klepik для AZH PROMO
фото: Taras Khimchak


Інша продукція:
AZH PROMO - with love to music
AZH Promo - is a Ukraine based independent music community founded in 2010
Creation VI at Kurbas theatre @ organised by AZH PROMO in FEB 2012
Our bus during embilight gig in Lviv organised by AZH Promo in Jun 2010
New Century Classics (PL) @ Lviv, Philharmonia. Organised by AZH Promo in Jul 2011