Компіляція "It's Not Boring. It's Ambient" від AZH PROMO і Preserved Sound 
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It's Not Boring. It's Ambient is a double CD compilation of Ukrainian and Polish ambient artists released as a collaboration between Preserved Sound (Kraków) and AZH Promo (Kyiv). The idea for the compilation came in autumn 2011 when the guys at Preserved Sound talked about doing a compilation of Polish ambient artists. After contacting friends at AZH Promo in Kyiv it became clear that they had also been having the same ideas about releasing a compilation of Ukrainian ambient artists. Thus It's Not Boring. It's Ambient was born.
Bringing together some of the best ambient music from around the region, It's Not Boring. It's Ambient aims to cross borders to present an ecletic mix of the genre that has become known as 'ambient'. Artists on the compilation include sound composer Heinali and electronic artist Nikolaienko from Ukraine, as well as improvised music artist Emiter and experimental musician Pleq from Poland, amongst many more.
It's Not Boring. It's Ambient was released at Les Kurbas theatre, Kyiv on 10 February 2012 
Cd 1: It’s not boring, it’s ambient from Ukraine
1. Heinali - Fade (short edit) 
2. Anton Baibakov - Music For Stop Motion Camera 
3. Endless Melancholy - Secrets Long Forgotten 
4. Nikolaienko - Blue Soup №1 
5. Stalker VA – Emersion 
6. Gamardah Fungus - Another Earth 
7. Drawing The Endless Shore - Warm Morning Raindrops 
8. Sport & Music - Warm Irony 
9. John Bogun – My Universe 
10. Short Hair Ideals – Winterbird


Cd 2: It’s not boring, it’s ambient from Poland
1. Emiter – Cedrus 
2. Grzegorz Bojanek - Paper Mistakes 
3. Lights Dim & Gallery Six - Pebbles In The Sky 
4. Pleq - The Early Symptoms Of Schizophrenia 
5. Visionary Hours – A Return to Bashō 
6. Lump – Dawn 
7. Bionulor - DNST.21.5. 
8. Łukasz Ciszak - u7 
9. Maed, Memhwa & Lapsky - Atak Robotow 
10. Tuul - Some Sign Of Life

Each copy comes with 8 beautiful postcards painted by 8 different Ukrainian artists:
1. Cirrus Minor
2. Honchar Kostyantin
3. Fable Inside
4. Masha Foya
5. Olga Pasechko
6. Yulia Ovcharenko
7. Olga Sabko
8. Inna Kozak
Інша продукція:
AZH PROMO - with love to music
AZH Promo - is a Ukraine based independent music community founded in 2010
Heinali at Kurbas theatre @ organised by AZH PROMO in FEB 2012
Blueneck in Kyiv @ organised by AZH PROMO in OCTOBER 2011
T E MORRIS during video shot in Lviv @ AZH Promo 2011