We work with, support and highly recommend to you: 

- MONO (JAPAN, post-rock/instrumental)
- BLUENECK (UK, post-rock/ambient/piano)
- ARMS AND SLEEPERS (USA, post-rock/ambient)
- HEINALI (UKRAINE, neo-classical/ambient)
- HER NAME IS CALLA (UK, post-rock/modern classical/piano)
- NOUSINTHIS (UKRAINE, post-rock/ambient)
- AIMS (UKRAINE, post/psychodelic/dub/experimental)
- IMMAGO (UKRAINE, trip-hop/experimental-rock)
- CREATION VI (UKRAINE, drone/ambient)
- NEW CENTURY CLASSICS (POLAND, post-rock/instrumental)
- LIGHTS DIM (POLAND, neo-classical/piano/ambient)
- VISIONARY HOURS (UK, neo-classical/ambient)
- BLACKPAPERPLANES (BY, post-rock/instrumental/piano)
- T E MORRIS (UK, acoustic)
AZH PROMO - with love to music
AZH Promo - is a Ukraine based independent music community founded in 2010
Creation VI at Kurbas theatre @ organised by AZH PROMO in FEB 2012
AZH Promo big team in Kurbas theatre during embilight show in APRIL 2011
The Samuel Jackson Five live in Kyiv. Organised by AZH Promo in April 2012